Useless Palace | 2023

Inloco Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Useless Palace pop-up exhibition is a project based on the artistic intervention of an international group of artists whose work refers to street art. During a trip to the Mleiha Reserve in Sharjah, each of the ten artists picked a location in one of the spots of the abandoned village and created pieces that can be seen in the exhibition. For this project, the artists took on several roles at once: the role of nomads who never sit still and explore new territories; the role of archaeologists who study unknown artifacts; and, finally, the role of representatives of a new generation who explore the pages of the past through discovered objects. The territory of the reserve turned out to be a treasure stash, and the exhibition became a project dedicated to exploring those treasures.

Useless Palace was created by a team of 10 international like-minded urban artists brought together by Inloco Gallery: 10.203 group, Anton Selone, Filippo Minelli, Lokher, and Neda Salmanpour. The exhibition was self-curated by them and featured canvases and sculptures made during the artistic intervention in the desert, found objects and digital works created with the assistance of AI technologies.