Banneret | 2019

Sevkabel Port, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The banner knight in the feudal era had the right to lead a group of people into battle under his flag with his own heraldic symbols. The flags were called banners and had a square shape. Now, under the banner flags, artists lead small groups of passers-by beyond information attacks, the senseless and merciless nonsense of mass consumption. Visual noise and senseless branding in a modern city threaten a person no less than automobile smog or GMOs.

Participants are the representatives of this street avant-garde, and their project Banneret appeared as a response to advertising and circulation. Used advertising banners from shopping centers have become canvases for the statements of ten artists and a manifestation of cleanliness against the advertising "garbage".

The exhibition did not have curators because its authors did not want to participate in branding, naming, and other "ings".

All of the project’s participants are people who actively do graffiti and various experimental art in the streets. At this exhibition, we wanted to give artists a larger format to work on: not a white canvas, but a more rough form and material – an advertising banner.
Nikita Dusto