Splendour and Misery | 2021

10.203 space, Saint Petersburg, Russia (photo 1-6) / Splendour and Misery, ZooCreate, Graphite, Moscow, Russia (photo 7-12)

For this project, artists used only two colors, black and chrome, both significant for graffiti culture.

When we talk about "misery," we do not mean economic aspects, corruption, unemployment, lack of financial stability, social inequality, the decline of moral values or the stinginess of modern culture.

And "splendour" for us is not gloss, fashion industry fakery, cheap marketing strategies or the endless pandering to consumer society. We don't quote Balzac's The Splendors and Miseries of Courtesans, we don't talk about the paradoxical mix of wealth and poverty, one-day cultural phenomena, double standards, or fake success criteria.

We don't talk at all – it's extremely uncomfortable in a respirator.